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BURN-IN BOARD is a type of DUT Board (Device Under Test) used in Burn-in Test which is composed of many sockets attached to a specially designed high-temperature board that permits voltage and signal in a chamber in which temperatures of 125C and above are maintained, ensuring that poor quality devices are sorted out.
Main Product List
- P-1300 Burn-In Board
- P-1500/1700 Burn-In Board
- P-5130 Burn-In Board
- EPRO Burn-In Board
- AHER Burn-In Board
- MCC Burn-In Board
Test DUT Board, also called a TEST LOAD Board, is mostly used in semiconductor mass production, development, and analyzing test systems by matching impedance to respective equipment.
Main Product List
- Advantest : T 3324, T3347, T6682, T6673
- Teradyne : Catalyst, A58xx, tiger, A360, J750, IP750
- Ceredance : Quartet
- LTX : Delta50, trillium, Syencco, Fusion
- Scuhlumberger : IDS 5000/10000 Load Module, ITS 9000
- IMS : Socket Board , Vanguard
- MOSAID : MS 34xxetc : probe card 용 impedence POB
- Etc: Jig for analyzing various devices, performance Board and Dut Board for Hi Fixture.
Customized board such as Reliability Board, other Testing Jig, System Board, etc.
Main Product List
- SYSTEM Board
- THB Board
- ESD Board
- EOS Board
- HEA Board